Here are some items from our Portfolio Archive:

EVA flip flop with bead trim

Womens EVA flip flop with bead trim

Image of spec for EVA flip flop with bead trim

Cork fashion shoe

Womens cork fashion shoe

Image of a womens cork wedge design

Womens flip flop

Womens flip flop.

Image of womens flip flop design

Mens beach shoe

Mens beach shoe

Image of mens beach shoe design

Mens EVA FLip FLop

EVA flp flop for men.

Image of flip flop spec

Character licensed slippers

Character licensed slippers

Photo of character licensed slippers

Playmate slippers

Slippers for Playboy footwear.

Image of slipper spec

Rabbit Slippers

Slippers for Playboy footwear

Image of a slipper colour spec

Sexy clubwear boots

Sexy clubwear boots from a range from AW 2005.

Image of a sexy clubwear boots design

Dinghy and Shark ranges

The widely copied Dinghy and Shark ranges.

Photo of Dinghy and Shark footwear ranges

Megadrive range

Megadrive range with polycarbonate sole

Photo of prototype shoes

Rip n Tear

Funky footwear design for Shelleys

Image of a funky footwear design for Shelleys

Footwear print design example

Here we had to adapt the given

Image of a footwear print design example

EVA flip flop 2

Portfolio example of an EVA flip flop

Image of an EVA flip flop design

EVA flip flop

Womens EVA flip flop design by Jessica Good

Image of an EVA flip flop design