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New Luxury Slipper Brand

Worked on this concept closely with the brand owner, to ensure the product lived up to her expectations. it was a lot of testing, designs and many sample revisions and we launched this brand in 2022.

Luxury Slippers by

Ideation sketch sheet for kids knitted sneaker designs

The initial sketched ideas done in Procreate on the ipad pro, these are the workings-out of my ideas. The next stage is to hone in and select the styles we like for further sketched workings- out.

Ideation Sketches for kids sneaker designs

Womens Fantasy Christmas Bootee with Glitterball bauble filled heel

Designed this for a bit of fun one Christmas but it is manufacturable! There have been snowglobe heels developed before, but perhaps not also filled with Christmas tree baubles!

Womens Christmas Bootee

Range plan for a remade retro womens footwear range

Range plan for a remade retro range for UK customer, we introduced this company to an appropriate footwear resource, took them through their initial development cycle and designed their first ever footwear range.

Range plan for a remade retro womens footwear range

Luxury Womens Heels developed in Italy for USA client

Laser cut heavy box calf leather uppers on 120mm heels and flat outsoles, designed for a USA client and developed in Italy.

Luxury laser cut womens heels and skimmers shoe designs

Footwear Mood Board for 2017 Luxury Range

Mood board for USA luxury womens footwear client

footwear mood board for luxury footwear range

Another mood board for Underground Shoes

Geek chic mood board for Underground shoes (I think, perhaps for 2010 ). This is quite an unusual approach in that the client wanted me to present trends for both men and women on one board.

mood board for street fashion footwear brand

'Analogue' Mood board for Underground Shoes

I love designing edgy fashion as it takes me back to my time at street fashion gurus Shellys shoes. Here's one of my favourite mood boards ever, made for Underground England

womens and mens fashion footwear mood board for Underground

AW2012 Trend forecast for slipper supplier

We don't just offer trend forecasting for fashion footwear, we can offer it for any type of footwear. Here is a mood board made for a slipper supplier.

mood board for slipper design project
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