We are a UK based Footwear Design Consultancy, working with clients worldwide.

Welcome to the storefront for our shoe design consultancy, established in 2003.

Are you looking for a freelance shoe designer to help you with new designs for your footwear business? Do you need advice or assistance with trend forecasts, approaching new markets or product categories, help with tech packs or production advice? Do you need the help of a shoe designer in order to create your new footwear range? If you have an idea for a shoe brand or product and you're not sure what to do next you have come to the right place! We're happy to evaluate your idea and help you to transform what's in your head into an actual product! We can also coach and train in footwear design from teaching you to write your own tech packs to helping you develop your ideation sketches into wearable, commercial products that fit and don't fall apart. We also aim to provide information and advice for anyone interested in the shoe design process, we think it is fascinating and we love to share!


Change is the only certain thing!

We moved from London in November 2021 and we’re now based in West Yorkshire, we’re in easy reach of the M1, M62 and A1 if you want to meet us and we’re always happy to chat on Zoom if you're unable to reach us.
We stopped offering a prototyping service, mainly due to our new location but mostly because it was not working well, because of Covid 19 travel restrictions.
We're in love with Procreate and the iPad Pro - as well as offering training in this app, we're working on specific footwear design assetts and these will be sold via our website.

It's been an exciting year so far, for us and our entrepreneur clients!

https://www.dubsuniverse.com/ the sustainable kids project that we worked on is now fully funded via Kickstarter and the first production is being completed!
https://shaffay.com/ We're now working on the second season for this new luxury slipper brand!
Watch this space for more entrepreneur news - this could be you, too!

Please contact us by email if you would like our assistance with your footwear project. We can then send you a client brief to fill in and book in for a Skype/Facetime or Zoom video call.

You can read any interesting news or articles that we found about shoe design if you visit shoenista - this is our footwear design blog. If you have some interesting shoe news, you want to share a shoe design competition, or you would like to be featured in our blog, please contact us by email.


As well as offering a design and specification services to the footwear and fashion trade. We also work with business start ups in their first forays into the shoe trade, as well as creating designs, we can help you to find a resource and put you in touch with experts in footwear business strategy, fitting and marketing.

If you have an existing footwear project that isn't working, why not ask us to troubleshoot? We work with production experts and footwear technologists and we may be able to solve things.

We blog about the shoe business, especially the design and product development aspect of shoe businesses, So if you're not sure where to begin, start here, we might answer some of your questions: Starting a shoe company.

Thank you! Jessica Good (aka shoenista)

We are members of the British Footwear Association.

copyright Jessica Good, freelance shoe design consultant.

copyright Jessica Good, shoe design consultant