Entire range overviews of the ranges we have designed

Footwear linesheets enable designers, buyers and everyone involved in the development of the range to see an overview of the entire range. Over the course of development, the linesheet will change a lot as the footwear designers and footwear buyer discuss with the creative director and brand owner what might be missing, which designs aren't as strong and can be dismissed. This leads to a focussed shoe range which can then be produced and sold.

Paper Dolls Womens Footwear Linesheet

Paper Dolls is a British fashion brand. We worked for a company which held the license for their footwear.

Wpmens fashion footwear linesheet

Lindybop Footwear Linesheet

Lindybop was a British remade retro brand. We worked on their first footwear line, introducing them to a trading company, we worked with their design team and designed and teched their entire entire range. We also introduced them to an expert in accessories who helped steer them in the right direction on accessories, designing and developing everything from Jewellery to belts.

Womens retro footwear linesheet range plan
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